Every person has a distinct idea of how they think they should look. When your body does not match the image that our society’s standards have deemed appropriate, it is taxing, not only on your body but also on your emotions.

It is important to remember that being healthy is not a “one size that fits all” package and it does not look the same for all. Determining a healthy weight for yourself is not easy and should be done with professionals who can give you the help and support you need.

At Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine we know that there is not one path to a healthy life. At our practice we take pride in our ability to look into your health history and determine all barriers keeping you from being a healthy weight.

On staff we have our highly skilled Nutritional Consultants who can take all necessary body measurements to find the weight that you, as an individual, should be. With our Body Index Machine and new In-Body machine that allows us to complete a full body impedance analysis we can pinpoint all areas in your body that need tweaking or changing such as diet or unhealthy life habits. With dietary and workout counseling you are much more likely to succeed and you will be guided to your best weight.

Let Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine and our Life Style Educators guide you on your weight loss journey. Don’t let fear hold you back any longer. You deserve to live the life you want and to be proud of the way you look. You deserve to be happy and to live healthy.

Health and Wellness:  Same as Weight Loss

Life style changes are never easy to make. Smoking, over eating, under eating, lack of sleep, stress, depression… the list goes on. These habits and states of emotional and physical health seem to be created overnight, yet getting back your health and to the normality of life can take months, sometimes even years. Getting to where you want to be physically, mentally or emotionally may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. At Summit Family Medicine we can offer you a strong and guiding hand up back into a healthy life when you feel like you are weighted down with despair.

Our Life Style Education Program offers you individualized care, suited to your own needs, to help you manage your life in an effective way. In this program you are given tools to face your daily obstacles, you are given encouragement when your days seem hopeless, but most importantly you are given the knowledge to combat whatever trials and tribulations you might face on a daily basis.

Our Nutritional Consultants are highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable, and through asking the right questions and listening to their patients concerns they are able to change the lives at Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine.

Are you are the kind of person who responds well to constructive criticism? Are you the kind of person who needs positive motivation? Do you need to be pushed to do things out of your comfort level? These and many other questions are the issues addressed in your initial consultation with your Nutritional Consultant.  With hour long sessions in our six week program, our patients get to discuss their Health History in detail and have their questions completely answered in a therapeutic setting, with no judgment, just results.