There is nothing more important to parents then the well-being of their children.

It is important as parents to select a provider to treat your children who you trust, who you can confide in.  You should seek out a provider who takes the time to listen and to understand your children’s needs.  They should view you as a partner when communicating about your child’s options and they should ensure that you are fully comfortable with their recommendations throughout your visit.

While it is always important to follow the directions of your physician, it is also important that you – as a parent – are involved in the treatment path of your child. If you are a parent who has felt pressured into following classical treatment plans for your child please note that at Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine we pride ourselves on giving patients choices, and the right to have a Guided Medical Approach and partnership.
Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine believes in your right to decide what is best for your child, and our office will never make you feel like you don’t have a say in your child’s health care decisions.

Our caring, non-judgmental staff will work with you to make a health care plan for your child that you and your doctor can both agree on. Whether you want to take a holistic or a classical approach to treating your infant or child, we are here to meet your individual comfort level.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.  When you are ready, please call us at 951-696-2215 to schedule your appointment. ​