Allergy Testing

Have you been wondering what allergies you or your child might have? Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine can help. Our advanced technology makes allergy testing simple and quick that no longer requires the use of needles or painful skin reactions. A test that was once injected into your body, is now done with advanced technology that is as simple as having a few drops of a serum placed on your arm.

Within 20 minutes if your skin has reacted, you will know what to avoid. Why worry if your child has a nut, pollen or bee allergy? Come in to Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine to get your allergy testing done easily

Temecula allergy treatment
Temecula allergy testing

Allergy Treatment

You don’t have to live with allergies the rest of your life. Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine  is pioneering the process of treating allergies in their patients with immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is treatment of allergies by giving gradually increasing doses of the substance, or allergen, to which the person is allergic. The incremental increases of the allergen causes the immune system to become less sensitive to the substance. By the production of a “blocking” antibody that occurs in your body, symptoms of allergy will begin to reduce. Immunotherapy also helps reduce the inflammation that characterizes rhinitis and asthma.

Allergies can be serious, and you cannot always protect you or your loved ones in every situation. Come in to us for allergy treatment so you no longer need to worry about what might happen if you come into contact with the allergen.