Pain management is important for the ongoing treatment of patients living with chronic pain. Depending on the level of your pain your doctor will determine which treatment plan is best for you.

While treatment for chronic pain can be overwhelming, Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine will give you hope when you feel that there is no end to the ailments preventing you from living a full life.  The on-site pain management specialist  Dr. ShawnTierney  guides patients to technology advanced treatments that most Practitioners don’t have access to.

By using Ultra Sound Guided Regenerative Therapy, PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, trigger point injections, chiropractic work, along with many other methods of treatment, Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine has been helping patients treat their serious issues and managing long term pain.

For some, pain medications are necessary for living life with less pain. We want new patients seeking treatment to know that getting a prescription every month to manage your life is not their only option. Our staff is never satisfied with muting long term pain with medication, and we are always looking for the newest technologically advanced treatments to help you live a full life.