What insurance plans are accepted by Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine?

We accept most major Insurance Plans.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accept HMO plans at this time.

Please see our current list of accepted insurance plans.

What is your policy for patients without health insurance?

We do offer a discount to patients without healthcare insurance. Please call our billing office at (800) 608-5435 and we will be happy to quote you our discounted pricing for services.

How do I know if something is covered by my insurance plan?

The best way to know if something is covered under your insurance is to contact them
directly. Our billing office will be happy to provide you will all of the necessary information in order to assist you in understanding your coverage. The phone number for your insurer is usually located on your insurance card.  You can reach our billing office by calling (800) 608-5435

Why am I receiving a separate bill from Labcorp, Quest, or West Pacific?

Any service requiring Laboratory services, such as Blood work, Pap Smears, etc….
will be sent to an outside Lab for testing and will be billed either directly to you
or your insurance company by the lab.

I came in for a physical, why am I receiving a separate bill for an office visit as well?

Physicals, also known as “complete physical examinations” or “preventative health check-ups” cover preventative medicine only. If you have concerns that need to be addressed such as an acute medical problem or the management of a chronic health condition such as diabetes or asthma, your insurance company considers those as non-preventative in nature and must be billed with the appropriate non-preventative billing code.


Current List of Accepted Plans

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Most PPO plans