Dr. Rome Walter

Dr. Rome Charles Walter is an Osteopathic Physician who is board certified in the family scope of practice that includes newborns through senior care. He specializes in holistic preventative care for the entire family.

Dr. Walter received his Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience as well as Psychology at Midwestern University and completed a dual accredited MD/DO residency from Southern Illinois University where he was the Chief Resident of Family Medicine. Before coming to California Dr. Walter practiced in Northern Montana, where he completed his obligations as a National Health Service Corp Scholar. This gave him a wide scope of rural medicine which provided him with the appreciation to practice holistic medicine and learn connections of the human body. His exemplary compassionate medical care will be evident from your first appointment.

Now settled in the Greater Temecula Valley, Dr. Walter focuses on the cure and management of chronic disease with an integrated medical approach using nutritional, conventional, an interventional treatment. Dr. Walter couples the advances of cutting edge science with the art of healing to meet the customized health needs of individuals.

On the personal side Dr. Walter has a wonderful family with five children, and has experienced firsthand many of the logistical challenges of engaging with our modern day health care system. By partnering with patients in an open minded setting, with open minded staff, his practice optimizes well being.

The healthcare team at Temecula Valley Advanced Medicine looks forward to supporting your personalized wellness plan.

Dr. Rome Walter