Acupuncture is a healing art that has been used for thousands of years and has successfully treated a wide array of conditions. If you have pain that is lingering or is not being treated by other modalities, then acupuncture offers a time-tested, very reliable method of pain relief.

Mike’s specialties include the treatment of women’s health, infertility, migraines, digestive disorders and pain management. These conditions are known to respond well to acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is also used as a preventative medicine. Many people see their acupuncturist 2-4 times a year for a “balancing” treatment. This can prevent illness and promote health, energy and vitality.

If you are wondering if your condition can benefit from acupuncture, odds are that it can. All ages can benefit from acupuncture. We see many people who are seeking an alternative to Western medicine or it may be their last hope after having exhausted other methods of treatment for a chronic condition. They often report wishing they had tried acupuncture first. For others, an acupuncturist may be their first choice of health care practitioner for a low-risk form of treatment with few side effects. Most acupuncturists are also trained herbalists which allows an even greater arsenal of ways to treat your condition. The power to heal is there within your own body and the acupuncture treatment will spark that natural ability.

In addition to acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas are recommended in conjunction with treatments. These herbal formulas are tailored to the individual needs of the patient as we treat the body holistically. Herbal medicine continues to be the most popular way to treat illness in the majority of the world. Chinese herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years to help the body to heal.

Mike Worley, L.Ac.